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CHRO Roundtable - HIPO Identification and Retention

‘Performance can only draw attention to a HIPO, evaluation must be done to identify the potential’ ‘If we can’t identify a HIPO on a daily basis and need to sit in a meeting room to identify one, there is a serious problem’

Family Run Businesses – An Insight - Part 1

A Family Business can be fraught with contrasting influences, namely, • Opportunities, and • Pulls and Pressures When the subject of family run businesses is broached, opinions, both solicited and unsolicited,

HR Dinner Meet in Pune Event on 22nd June 2016 successfully completed

Pune‬ Event was successfully done, Thanks to everyone whoever participated in the ‪HR‬ Dinner ‪Meet‬. Special thanks to Mr.Subash Cipy,

Leadership and Its Styles – Part One

Eric Hoffer said, “The leader has to be practical and a realist, yet must talk the language of a visionary and an idealist.” This sums up, appropriately what leadership is about. For leadership to survive three

Creating a culture of engagement

Employee engagement is a hugely deep and positive term that means a lot of things from employee-employer equation, to involvement to job satisfaction, motivation and more. With organizations aiming for sustainability, employee engagement has garnered more

Measuring social impact

Though the inception of each organization is closely tied to its social impact goals, there are no proper tools to measure the actual impact that happens in the field. Why measure social impact? Measuring social impact is as important as tracking the operational

The Essentials of Campus Recruitment

With the proliferation of educational institutions and the increase in the number of students passing out of these in spite of the steep rise in the cost of education, it becomes necessary to plan and follow a robust procedure on campus recruitments.

Corporate Values

Values are important to an organization’s business approach, social responsibility and sustainability. Interestingly, these values, that stem from individual behavior goes on to influence the organizational behavior and ultimately its reputation. Employees expect the organizations to respect

Building a high performing organization

The substantial effort in building such a holistic organization lies in building a strong work culture that reflects its values.The important stepIn this era of globalization, sustainability should be at the heart of the collective goal and the .

Sustainability, Innovation and Growth

When it comes to moving organizations forward and increase its reputation, innovation and growth should be the growth drivers with the sustainability as the ultimate goal. History of sustainabilit Consumer experience has gone through a broad evolution. In t

Talent management

With head hunting and talent poaching on the rise, organizations are keen, not only on preserving, grooming and managing the talent pool they have, but also in attracting and retaining talent. In fact, organizations with a

The CEO and HR-Joint Caretakers of Talent

With the increasing awareness that human capital is at the centre stage of growth, it would be foolish to ignore the voice of change that Human Relations professionals express, and the messages they try to convey. A successful HR professional is sensitive to the needs and unvoiced feelings of the employees and conveys these


Calling HR professionals and CEOs! Are you a young HR professional who wants to rub shoulders with the pillars and icons of the business and HR world?

Reputation and Brand – Two sides of a coin?

In my last post I had tried to explain the difference between a Brand and Reputation. At the end of that piece, I had mentioned that building a reputation, because it depends on the efforts of an entity, does not need media coverage and

Brand Vs Reputation

There is always confusion in some people’s minds as to what the difference between a brand and reputation is. Some people mistake one for the other. Let me try to make them a little wiser.

The Importance of Brand Positioning

What does a brand do? Why is it required? These questions may sound naïve, but honestly these have to be clear in one’s mind first before spending time and efforts on brand creation and positioning. A brand is

Reputation Management – Significant economic value

Forming a good reputation is the basis for stakeholders’ and consumers’ confidence in a brand and their continued patronage.

Personal Branding

In the over populated and highly competitive playfield of talent and skill, it is personal branding that makes an individual distinct from “the others” One’s brand defines

Rebuilding the brand for gaining Public Trust in Business

Few of the brand in the recent past has gained public mistrust and recall is a cautionary tale for brands that want a bright present

Corporate Reputation Managment

Managing the reputation of brands- both small and big primarily involves tracking information on various fronts.

Global Economic Outlook

Until before China’s slowdown , the global predictions were cheerful, with India, racing ahead of China. China’s slowdown has indeed forced all predictions to go haywire; today the world economy is plummeting at an alarming rate. Hence, a lot of uncertainties surround future prospects and developments.